ASUW :: Associated Students of the University of Washington

ASUW Board of Directors 2016-2017

Say hello to your 2016-2017 ASUW Board of Directors! The Board of Directors consists of 8 elected officials and 4 hired ex-officio members. Come visit us in the ASUW Office in HUB 121 and attend our Board meetings every Thursday evening at 5:30 PM in HUB 303!

Daniele Meñez

Michael Aldridge
Vice President 

Kay Fuhlman
Personnel Director

Ana Sabarots
Communications Director

Lizzie Palmer
Finance & Budget Director 

Kaitlyn Zhou
Director of University Affairs 

Taylor Beardall
Director of Internal Policy

Tae McKenzie
Director of Diversity Efforts 

Hakikat Bains
Director of Campus Partnerships 

Meili Powell
Director of Programming

Osman Salahuddin
Director of Community Relations 

Nick DeMuro
Senate Vice Chair