New York Times News Cooking + Games instructions

New York Times Cooking serves as a source of inspiration, an innovative kitchen companion, and a rich repository of diverse recipes, aiding home cooks at all stages to explore, preserve, and manage a wealth of culinary creations, while simultaneously enhancing their skills and expertise in the kitchen.

Since its inception with the Crossword in 1942, New York Times Games have enthralled puzzle enthusiasts. The Times crafts stimulating word and visual puzzles that engage and maintain mental acuity. Accessible via the web and the NYT App, with flagship puzzles like the Crossword and Spelling Bee housed in the Crossword App, our games cater to a wide audience of solvers.

Ready to embark on your culinary and mental journey? Sign up for New York Times Cooking and Games through this link. By completing a brief questionnaire, you’ll gain access to a year-long subscription. And the best part? Renewal is as simple as requesting a new code each year while you’re still a student.

For an optimal experience, we recommend downloading the NYT Cooking App and the NYT Crossword App.