What is ASUW?

The ASUW is the undergraduate student government at the University of Washington. We house many programs, services and events for students on the Seattle campus. Come visit us in HUB 121 to learn more!

Our Mission: The Associated Students of the University of Washington is the democratic voice of students that engages the campus community through programming, services and advocacy. The ASUW strives to enrich student life and develop future leaders.

Brief History of ASUW
Established 1861

In 1861, the University of Washington was founded with its campus in downtown Seattle. By 1895, the University moved to the present-day campus in northeast Seattle, now known as the “University District.” The Student Assembly was founded in 1900. This organization was the precursor of ASUW. On April 20th, 1906, the Associated Students of the University of Washington was incorporated under Washington state law as a non-profit organization. Today, ASUW is 106 years old.

The Organization
This is how it all works!

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The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is a nonprofit that acts as the undergraduate student government on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. The structure of ASUW is a complex composition of government, corporation, advocacy, and programming elements which have been created and modified by thousands of students over more than a hundred years. The ASUW works closely with the Student Advisory Office (SAO) and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate GPSS in providing services for not only undergraduates but also clubs and graduate students.