ASUW :: Associated Students of the University of Washington


All ASUW Personnel will be 100% remote. The ASUW suites will not be open to the general public during this time since the HUB is closed and those wishing to meet in person should schedule an appointment in advance with the specific employee. Please find employee hours and contact information at

All ASUW events are canceled. Some entities may be utilizing remote conference platforms to engage with constituents. For information on specific events and meetings, please reach out to the particular entity or organizer. Contact information may be found at

For relevant campus resources, please refer to the following page.

COVID-19 Resources

Who we are

The Specifics

  • 60+ student employees
  • Self run student organization
  • Plans events and promotes resources
  • Represents student voices on different boards and councils on campus
  • Creates opportunities for communities to gather
  • Runs a Radio Station, Bike Shop, and Bean Basket Co-Op

Elected positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director of Campus Partnerships
  • Director of Community Relations
  • Director of Programming
  • Director of Internal Policy
  • Director of University Affairs
  • Director of Diversity Efforts

Non-elected positions

  • Communications Director
  • Finance and Budget Director
  • Personnel Director
  • Entity Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • And more!

Getting Involved

Getting elected to the Board of Directors

  • Check out to learn more about the elections process!
  • Elections Campaigns begin 4/3 and Voting opens on 4/20!

Getting a job at ASUW

  • ASUW job applications will open in the beginning of Spring Quarter and we hire over 60+ new students to work for ASUW!
  • All positions will be posted on Handshake during Spring Quarter and will be open for at least two weeks.

Other ways to get Involved

  • You can also get involved with ASUW through our page where you can find volunteer and leadership opportunities such as internships, ambassador programs, representative roles, and more!