The ASUW Mission

The Associated Students of the University of Washington is the democratic voice of students that engages the campus community through programming, services and advocacy. The ASUW strives to enrich student life and develop future leaders.

What is ASUW?

The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is a non-profit organization that serves as the student government at the University of Washington. The structure of the ASUW is a complex composition of 25 units, including entities, enterprises, commissions, programs, and committees. Operating with a budget of approximately one million dollars, 72 employees and over 500 volunteers work to serve students and improve student life.

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Letter from the President


Each year ASUW grows in its capacity to serve students. As those who have worked for and led the Association can attest to, it is nearly impossible to summarize the countless hours of effort our entities, employees, and volunteers have put into improving the University of Washington experience. What makes me most proud is that every employee has something to point to that they changed for the better.

We saw the ASUW as more of a non-profit than a government; as an organization that has a guiding purpose to serve students, that for us, took precedence over setting policies over the student experience. Our priorities were more focused as a result of measuring our success in terms of the productive outcomes that students received from funding us.

This has been a year of ambitious goals and meaningful collaborations. We’ve learned from both our failures and our successes, and we look forward to the work that our successors will continue and expand to build on this Association’s impressive 103-year history of student organizing.


Michael Kutz
ASUW President 2013-14

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Meet Us in the Middle: Affordability for the Working Student


No student’s Expected Student Contribution should be greater than the amount that can be earned by working 40 hours per week over the summer and 20 hours per week throughout the academic year at Washington State minimum wage.

We urge higher education stakeholders to make it possible for students to work through school again.

The ASUW Student Debt Reduction Working Group has critically examined the issues students face in paying for their education and drafted a report with recommendations to administration and policy makers.

More information at: The Seattle Times | KUOW

Check out the final report at

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