ASUW : Associated Students of the University of Washington

May 14, 2018

Statement of Support for UW Academic Student Employees

The ASUW stands in solidarity with UW Academic Student Employees (ASEs). As the Associated Students of the University of Washington, we exist to support all students on campus, both undergraduate and graduate. ASEs teach classes, grade assignments and exams, and provide mentorship to undergraduates, all in addition to their own studies. They are the backbone of the student academic experience and are one of the reasons that our University continues to be successful.

You may have heard in your classes last week, UAW Local 4121, the union which represents Academic Student Employees at UW, is in the midst of contract negotiations with UW administration and that there is a strike planned for May 15th.

As students that are greatly impacted by their work, we believe ASEs have the right to negotiate with the UW administration over the terms and conditions of their employment without undue interference. We believe ASEs have the right to seek decent wages and improved standards. All of this is crucial to ensure that UW continues to be a top institution while also respecting the needs of the people that make it so.

What does this mean for students?
If an agreement is not made soon, TAs may not be able to grade final exams and assignments. It will be up to departments to ensure that exams and assignments are adequately graded. Graduating seniors, your grades will not be withheld and this will not affect your credits for any courses. If TAs or the department are unable to finalize your grades by the end of the quarter, rest assured that your academic record will not be negatively affected.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the negotiation process that led to the strike. If you would like to get involved, sign up to picket on May 15th.

— Associated Students of the University of Washington