ASUW :: Associated Students of the University of Washington

ASUW 2017-2018 Employee Mission Statement

The 2017-2018 employees of the ASUW are dedicated to representing all UW students past, present, and future. We enrich student life by providing opportunities and services which enable community engagement. We challenge systems of power within education by advocating for equitable access to resources and investing in intersectional spaces that consider the holistic identity of our student body.

ASUW Entities

American Indian Student Commission (AISC)

Arts & Entertainment

Asian Student Commission (ASC)

 Bike Shop

Black Student Commission (BSC)

La Raza Student Commission

Office of Government Relations (OGR)

Pacific Islander Student Commission (PISC)

Queer Student Commission (QSC)

Rainy Dawg Radio

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA)

Student Disability Commission

Student Food Co-Op

Student Health Consortium

Women’s Action Commission

Student Senate

Middle Eastern Student Commission (MESC)



ASUW Services

Husky Pride Fund

Special Appropriations Fund