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2023-2024 UW Student Regent Application

Applications are due by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 14th, 2023.
If selected for an interview, you will be expected to be available either April 24th or 26th.
Submit this application as well as its supporting materials as PDFs by emailing them to

Application form (page3-4): Student Regent Application


Description of the Position

The Board of Regents consists of eleven citizens appointed by the Governor. The Regents, in whom authority rests as a collective body, and not as individuals, govern the University of Washington, and select and evaluate its President. The administration of the University is delegated, with certain exceptions, to the University President and the faculty, of which the President is a member. As guardians of the public trust, and as a body, the Regents set institutional missions, establish policies, and ensure the financial stability and academic quality of the University. Since 1998 the tenth seat on the Board has been filled by a student, chosen by the Governor from among three to five students nominated by a committee made up of student leaders across all three UW campuses.

The Student Regent is not a student representative, a function filled by representatives of the various student governments to the Board, but an independent guardian of the public trust responsible to the citizens of the State of Washington. The Student Regent brings the perspective of students past, present, and future to difficult decisions that may involve balancing the interests of current and future students, faculty and staff.

By custom, the Student Regent helps to plan agendas of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee; helps to ensure the integration of all campuses of the University by regularly convening student leaders to discuss issues before the Board and issues of particular and common concern to students on the different campuses; and, each year, is invited to present a student-focused information item to the Board in May or June.

In compensation for their time and service, the Student Regent receives a scholarship for tuition costs during their regency. Duties performed as Regent are reimbursed at the applicable per diem rate, in accordance with Board policy. The time commitment required of the Student Regent is considerable. They may, but need not necessarily, accept additional UW employment, in any case not to exceed 100 percent time, as their schedule and coursework permit, but must decline any tuition or fee waiver associated with that employment.

The most qualified candidates will be interviewed for the position. Following the interview process, 3-5 finalists will be selected by the end of April and sent to the Governor’s Office who appoints the Student Regent.

You must be available for an interview on April 24th or April 26th. Applicants will be notified of their interview timeframe.

Please feel free to contact the ASUW President ( with any questions or concerns about the application process. Additionally, the current Student Regent, Elizabeth Lee, may be reached at for questions about the position.


a. To apply to be Student Regent you must be a full-time UW student in good standing at the
time of appointment and currently enrolled in at least 12 credits for undergraduate and
professional students or 10 credits for graduate students, or on leave (as defined by UW
Employment and Administrative Policies, University Employment, Chapter 104, Student
b. During the 2023-2024 academic year you must be a full-time student in good standing and
enrolled at UW for at least 12 credits for undergraduate and professional students or 10 credits
for graduate students, or on leave as defined by UW Policy, Chapter 104.
c. Must be available to serve from July 2023 to June 2024 (summer internships and travel
acceptable, duties during the summer can be remote and are predominantly over email)
d. If you are selected as one of the finalists sent to the Governor for consideration, you cannot
run as a candidate in the ASUW Seattle, ASUW Bothell, ASUW Tacoma, or GPSS elections.
Note that your application may be released to the public if requested.

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